Guided Fly Fishing- Steelhead Trips

Lake Superior Trout and Steelhead

Call them ‘steelhead’ or don’t, the old salt vs freshwater debate concerning the title of these anadromous wanderers takes nothing at all away from the fact that they are a notoriously tricky fish to pattern, and will rock your world on the end of a fly line!  One of the larger south shore tributaries on the western end of Lake Superior, the Boise Brule river, enjoys quality runs of wild steelhead and lakerun brown trout that have only been growing in the last few years. Early Spring and mid- to late-Fall are the best times to strap on the waders in search of steel.



Guided steelhead fly fishing trips are a great way for anglers to become acquainted with a notoriously challenging fishery.  Fly Fishing for steelhead is a pursuit with a pretty steep learning curve and spending time with a professional guide can shorten that curve considerably.  We enjoy teaching and explaining the techniques and river systems that make fly fishing for steelhead such a difficult, yet rewarding pursuit.