A true Alaskan wilderness fly fishing experience, the Gulkana float trip is a 5 day, 4 night adventure that covers almost 30 miles of this remote National Wild and Scenic river.



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This non-glacial tributary to the mighty Copper River boasts gin clear water, a rarity in this region, and a host of fishing opportunity for the fly angler.




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Our trips are generally focused on chasing large rainbows with big streamers and surface flies, but the occasional battle with a salmon is not out of the question, and grayling are very abundant as well.









Set to the backdrop of the Wrangell- St. Elias wilderness area, remarkable scenery changes with each bend and the river teems with life as salmon and grayling pass beneath the boats.



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Long Alaskan summer days provide almost unlimited fishing time from the boats, wading from shore at various stops along the way, and from each night’s campsite on the river’s edge.


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Far Out Flyfishing guide Blake Yorde has been working in the Copper River Valley since 2006 and his relationship with local outfitter River Wrangellers is what allows us to offer this unique float trip.


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