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Truly a trip of a lifetime for an Esox angler, Midnight Sun Trophy Pike Adventures is one of the most exciting Northern Pike fisheries on the planet.



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Due to the remote nature of the Yukon system, Midnight Sun’s base camp is a 67 foot houseboat that offers first class accommodations in a true wilderness setting.




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This far north the sun barely sets in the summertime, providing almost unlimited fishing opportunities.




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Midnight Sun’s guides are very dedicated to exploring and preserving this fishery. A self-imposed catch-and-release policy allowing only single, barbless hooks is the key to maintaining the tremendous pike populations they target.




In addition to trophy northern pike, this river system also hosts a migratory run of Sheefish- often called ‘tarpon of the north’- which provides a unique bonus fishery.




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Brian was first exposed to this fishery in 2011 when he was invited up by Confluence Media to shoot a segment for their film Connect.  Check out our video page for more on the filming of Connect.

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