Minnesota and Wisconsin Summer Smallmouth and Musky Fishing

Minnesota and Wisconsin Summer Musky FishingFloating down the quiet summer waters of the North Country is a great way to unplug and recharge!  We keep tabs on a number of different fisheries so we can put our anglers on the best experience possible.


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Typically our river muskies are wrapping up their spawning by the end of May and as the water hits summer temperatures they tend to feed heavily to replenish from the rigors of reproduction and a long winter under the ice.  June is an excellent month to target musky on the fly!  Keyed in to rising water temps they take advantage of the longest days of the year, aggressively feeding during daylight hours.  Mid- to late-summer finds the muskies concentrating a bit more on low light periods for their hunting, so mid-day action can become a little less predictable (which is definitely a relative term when it comes to musky!).  As the water temperatures reach their high point of the season the smallmouth bass fishing heats up as well.


Smallmouth bass normally finish spawning by the first part of June and start feeding aggressively as the water continues to warm.  Our spring season in the north can be pretty unpredictable but most years fishing becomes very consistent sometime in the middle of June and only improves as the summer progresses. The hot summer days of July and August provide a great opportunity to catch LOTS of these hard-fighting, high-jumping predators, especially on topwater flies!  Providing a memorable experience for anglers of all experience levels, our smallmouth bass trips are an awesome part of the season that we look forward to every year!


Full day float trips for 1 or 2 anglers include lunch, beverages and all necessary fishing equipment, although anglers are welcome to bring their own if they prefer.  Bring seasonally appropriate clothing including rain gear, waders or wet-wading gear (ideally in dry bags) and polarized sunglasses.  Plan on a minimum of eight hours on the water.  Multiple group trips can be arranged as well.


Cost- $450/day