Far Out Fly Fishing Trip Packing Guide

Despite the official-sounding announcements of television weather guessers, conditions in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin can and will change with little in the way of notice.  Here are some things to bring along and keep in mind when packing gear for your fishing trip to the north country.

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Polarized sunglasses are a key piece of fishing gear in any season!

Spring– Spring steelhead fishing involves a great deal of hiking as well as wading so comfortable, dry waders and proper layering are essential.  The close proximity of Lake Superior makes spring weather varied and unpredictable so bring enough layers, hats, gloves and socks to ward off the cold and with a little luck they won’t all be needed.  A waterproof and preferably breathable outer shell such as a wading jacket, winter coat, or rain gear is very important as well.


Summer– Everyone loves to soak up the summer sun, especially after a long chilly winter, but a full day of exposure can take away from the enjoyment factor of a float trip.  Light weight long sleeves and pant legs are an effective deterrent of sun (and insects) as are wide brimmed hats, gloves and of course sunblock.  Mosquitoes and biting flies are an unfortunate reality from time to time in the summer season as well, so bring bug spray and dress accordingly.  Rain gear is essential as well, since fast-moving rain clouds and thunderstorms are an inevitable part of the summer weather pattern.


Fall– The buffer between summer and winter, our fall weather can be reminiscent of either season depending on the day.  Cool nights and mornings are common and day time temps may rise all the way into the 60’s (F) or stay below 40.  Snow, sleet and rain are always a possibility as well so the more weather conditions you come prepared for the more comfortable and enjoyable the fishing will be.  Feeding behavior can definitely be triggered by inclement weather and good fishing days are not always accompanied by pleasant weather conditions in the fall.