I’ve had the good fortune to work with a number of talented filmmakers and television producers over the course of my fly fishing career.  Here’s a few video clips that have accumulated along the way…

Minnesota Bound

The crew of Minnesota Bound made my first experience with TV cameras a great one that I’ll always remember fondly.  Getting a little scary how young I look in it though!


Musky Chronicals Trailer

Good friend and talented photographer, Lee Church managed to take on this video project while still working through med school.  It’s a really fun look back at the early years of our musky obsession.



Connect Trailer

One of the high points in my fishing life for sure, a few years ago I had the honor of being the rod man for a segment in Confluence FilmsConnect.  By far the most professional and well-equipped crew I’ve ever worked with, Confluence has been bringing flyfishing passion to the big screen in the same manner Warren Miller films has captured the soul of mountain sports.  Our segment brought us to a houseboat, a float plane ride from the tiny village of Aniak, AK, operated by Midnight Sun Trophy Pike Adventures.  The northern pike fishery up there is beyond belief and we spent the better part of a week filming them attack my flies with reckless abandon.  Pike are a lot of things but camera shy is not one of them!


Destination Polaris ATV

Another visit from Bill Sherck and crew, shooting a short piece for his Destination Polaris ATV program.

Raw Water Productions : Lee Church and Lucas Carol

Good friends Lee Church and Lucas Carol collaborated on this during a guiding stint in 2013.  Very nice videography boys!!

Brian Porter from Raw Water Productions on Vimeo.